Can I touch you?.


if you put “man” at the end of any sentence its AUTOMATICALLY platonic

"i love you, man."

"stay with me forever, man."

"fuck me hard in the ass, man."

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A girl becomes embarrassed after giving flowers to a female US soldier on duty in the northern Iraqi city of Mosul. 16 April 2007

The caption changes so many assumptions


special talent: dramatically lipsync songs and pretend that i’m in music video

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Vera Wang S/S 2013 Bridal


you’re not allowed to wear a cotton t-shirt unless you’re a true fan! do you go to the fields and look at it? do you appreciate the agricultural implications of a gigantic cotton industry? do you understand the harvesting process? name 5 cotton harvesting machines. didn’t think so

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when all your favorite people are online


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if you don’t get my jokes then we can’t be friends

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