Can I touch you?.



this is important

"No" is a complete sentence. You don’t have to justify why. "No" is enough.



please do not yell at me im a nervous dumb girl who is just trying to survive

And if  you yell at me I will beat you to death because I have not tolerated that shit since I was a child




a human being made this. this exists. what kind of world do we live in. im ashamed and confused.

im so hard

his name is francis he makes joke videos about his weight and how its stereotypical that a fat man with a vlog has to love mountain dew and play xbox while he also makes videos about shaming fat people and their place in reality and the online community and how people shouldnt poke fun because of it all thats happened is some text was added to the bottom of a very good person


girls who like being choked during sex are neato

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i remember song lyrics from my favorite songs 5 years ago but i don’t remember what i learned in school yesterday

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Night Burgers


trying to run away from my problems like


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I wish people could just say how they feel like ‘Hey I really don’t like when you do that to me’ or ‘Hey I’m in love with you’ or ‘Hi I really miss you and I think about you all the time’ without sounding desperate. Why can’t everyone be painfully honest and just save people the trouble.


when i was 9 i wrote a love letter to cole sprouse and closed my eyes and threw it out the car window thinking it’d magically find him and wow i did not understand the united states postal system 

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sorry satan, I was kinda busy
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